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We sell a wide range of herbs or spices in the form of powder and dry simplicia high quality and efficacious at competitive prices in the market.

Herbs or spices that we sell come from partner farmers of the village with a rigorous selection process: clean, no moldy, not mixed with other materials.

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Red Ginger / Jahe Merah / Zingiber Officinale




Red ginger rhizome red and smaller than the small white ginger, red ginger always harvested after tua.Jahe old has the highest essential oil content compared with two other clones, making it suitable for medicinal herb-red obatan.Jahe was chosen because it provides taste bitter and spicy higher than another ginger ginger. Efficacy generally increase appetite and keep warm. In addition to its smaller size compared to the other two types of ginger, the ginger and elephants, red ginger skin color is also different. Her skin was pink, flesh slightly brown, and has a more coarse fiber. (From various sources).

GUDANG JAMU sell best quality Red Ginger, nutrious, and not mix with other material.

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