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We sell a wide range of herbs or spices in the form of powder and dry simplicia high quality and efficacious at competitive prices in the market.

Herbs or spices that we sell come from partner farmers of the village with a rigorous selection process: clean, no moldy, not mixed with other materials.

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Strobilantes Crispus / Ngokilo / Stachytarpheta Mutabilis




Strobilantes Crispus also has other names such as enyoh kelo, ketch shard, nasty shard, and leaves broken glass, and including types of herbs that are rich in benefits. Efficacy ngokilo leaves the field of health is very much here that it includes the type of herbs as a basic ingredient of traditional medicine, much sought after. The following are some of the properties of leaves Strobilantes Crispus in health: Drug piles (hemorrhoids); Exposed to venom or black ants; Drugs diabetes mellitus and high cholesterol. (From various sources).

GUDANG JAMU sells best quality Strobilantes Crispus, nutrious and not mix with other material

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