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We sell a wide range of herbs or spices in the form of powder and dry simplicia high quality and efficacious at competitive prices in the market.

Herbs or spices that we sell come from partner farmers of the village with a rigorous selection process: clean, no moldy, not mixed with other materials.

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Areca Palm / Pinang / Areca Catechu




Chemical and pharmacological properties of seeds: bitter, spicy, warm. Worming (anthelmintic), laxative fart (antiflatulent), menstruation laxative, laxative urine (diuretic), sputum, improves digestion, pengelat (astringent), laxatives (laksan).

Chemical constituents of the seeds: containing 0.3 to 0.6% alkaloids, such as arecoline (C8 H13 NO2), arekolidine, arekain, guvakolin, guvasine and isoguvasine. It also contains tannins 15% red, 14% fat (palmitic, oleic, stearic, caproic, caprylic, lauric, Myristic acid), starch and resin. Fresh seeds contain about 50% more alkaloids, compared to seeds that have been processed. Arekolin: worming and efficacious as a sedative.

Seeds (Binglang) To Treat: worms taeniasis, fasciolopsiasis, Abdominal bloating due to indigestion, swelling due to fluid retention (edema), Sense of fullness in the chest, ulcers, cough with phlegm, diarrhea, Late menstruation, vaginal discharge, beriberi, edema, Malaria , Minimize the pupils (miosis) in glaucoma.

GUDANG JAMU sells best quality Areca Palm, nutrious and not mix with other material

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